Wildlife, flora and fauna

All have been seen on or from Blakelow Farm and Cottages. If you see any wildlife that isn’t on this list, please let us know, or write it in the “Journal” in your cottage.

For more information about wildlife around Derbyshire click here to visit the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust’s website.

Visitors can also experience the Blakelow’s wildlife nature trail.

Badger Seen usually at night, but evidence that they are still around from their ‘latrine’ at the far corner of the wild garden
Muntjac and Fallow Deer Seen in mid winter occasionally in our fields – they may be escapees from Chatsworth?
Shrew Seen dawn and dusk in many areas around the farm
Bat Mainly Pipistrelle, we believe, we started with just 2 but have now regularly seen 6, bat nests were put into the eaves of all our new buildings
Brown Hare Usually more common in the spring – in our fields, after the hay has been cut they move to long grass of the labyrinth for day time cover
Grey Squirrel Generally raiding the bird feeders – they are cute though!
Rabbits Not as many as you’d think – on the long border and nibbling my lettuces!
Fox Seen on the lane and we’ve lost a couple of our hens of the field in the winter months
Field Mice There are lots around, and can be quite cheeky if you are putting bread out for the birds – the birds don’t get a look in.
Newt In the big trough in the front garden
Frog Mainly in the front garden
Damsel fly Occasionally seen over the trough
Toad Can be found all over the garden and in the long grass of the fields – great for pest control.
Chaffinch Trees and gardens
Greenfinch In the gardens
Goldfinch On the heads of the Angelica
Yellowhammer Seen in farmyard in the past, but in 2007 have been seen in our garden
Owl Several different ones can be heard hooting at dusk, including the Little Owl
Robin Lots in the gardens and hedgerows
Swallow Nest in the stables every year and raise at least 2 broods
Skylark Nest in our top fields, lovely to hear their song
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker On the feeder in the Beech tree
Blue Tit On the bird feeders
Wren On the stone walls and hedges
Pheasant Seen in the gardens and fields
Partridge Seen on our top field
Coal Tit On the bird feeders
Curlew Seen and heard mainly in the spring – nests in the top field
Kestrel Over the fields
Rooks and Crows Raiding the chicken feeders!
Magpies Seen in the fields and trees
Painted Lady Occasional migrant visitor from the south!
Small tortoiseshell
Red Admiral and Peacock On the Buddleias and Sedums
Elephant Moth On the Irises – it frightened me to death – it was like a Jack Russell with wings!
Green Veined White
Orange Tip Spotted in April and May 2007
Large White On my cabbages!
Speckled Wood
Meadow Brown
Burnett Moth Spotted in summer and autumn 2006


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