Fire prevention policy

We try, and ask that you will also take care, to take all reasonable precautions to avoid the risk of fire, particularly when using candles, matches, the log burner, or when cooking. However, accidents can arise, so please note:

  • There is a multi purpose Fire Extinguisher, and a Fire Blanket, in the kitchen. Please make sure you have made yourselves familiar with their location and how to use them
  • There are smoke alarms fitted, we check these regularly, but it would be as well for your own peace of mind for you to confirm for yourselves that they are working (spare batteries are in the kitchen drawer)
  • There is a torch hanging on the key rack, and another at the top of the stairs. We check the batteries, but please do check them too.

In the event of fire

If there is a fire, the most important thing is your safety and that of the other people in the building.

If you cannot instantly and successfully deal with the fire yourself, make sure there is no one in the room and close the door, ensure that all other occupants with you are alerted and you leave the cottage by the quickest route – DO NOT STOP TO GATHER BELONGINGS OR BAGS

If you suspect that there is a fire in a room and the door is closed DO NOT OPEN IT TO LOOK (you can check by carefully touching the door or handle – if it feels hot there is a fire) please leave the building immediately and raise the alarm: NEVER RE-ENTER A BURNING BUILDING.

  • RING 999 (Orange mobiles will get a signal outside)
  • ALERT people in other cottages
  • ALERT us (01629) 650814
  • Then wait on the driveway until Steve or a Fire Officer tells you what to do.

Safety tips and advice

  • Never leave candles burning unattended – especially at the dinner table
  • Do not take lit candles upstairs. Candles should not be used in bedrooms
  • Always be aware of hazards if using candles on window sills or tables etc, i.e. in front of curtains next to flowers or other table decorations
  • The Log Burning Stoves are designed to work with the doors shut – do not leave them open – especially when going to bed
  • Do not leave matches or firelighters on top of, or close to the log burning stove
  • Do not use the toaster directly under the wall units in the kitchen – and never leave it unattended
  • Ensure all electrical appliances and lights are switched off before going out or to bed – especially hairdryers, straighteners, tongs, and kitchen equipment, hobs, toasters etc.

We want you to enjoy your holiday, be careful and be safe.

Steve Ogan
September 2006

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