Learning to Embrace the Seasons

It would appear Autumn has arrived! How did we get to September already, with the extreme change in the weather just lately it does feel as though someone just ‘switched summer off’. Even the nights are drawing in at an alarming rate but it’s not all bad…

The autumn colour this year is forecast to be spectacular, the mild winter and warm dry summer will be working it’s magic – so don’t forget your camera.

As the nights draw in the temptation to light the fire and curl up with a glass of red is a must.

Hot chocolate

Apple and blackberry crumble

Apple and blackberry crumble

The flavours of autumn are more comfort food than rabbit food, gone are the salads, warming soups, stews and of course the occasional apple and blackberry crumble take the lead.

The walk from Blakelow to Winster takes on a whole new meaning, especially if the goal is the village pub where the aim is not so much a seat outside in the sun. The focus now is will there be a table free in front of the roaring fire at the Old Bowling Green.

The Old Bowling Green - Winster

The Old Bowling Green, Winster

So as we bid a fond farewell to summer and embrace all things autumnal just remember Christmas isn’t that far away!! Happy little soul aren’t I …

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