Chatsworth pays tribute

Deborah Cavendish

Deborah Cavendish
1920 – 2014

Today Chatsworth and Derbyshire paid tribute to the extraordinary life of Deborah Cavendish, the dowager duchess of Devonshire.

Having moved in the same circles as Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Evelyn Waugh she was instrumental in modernising the Chatsworth estate, helping it become the much loved attraction it is today.

Cavendish wedding

The Cavendish wedding

The last surviving of the six Mitford sisters, Deborah married Lord Andrew Cavendish, the 11th Duke of Devonshire, in 1941 and lived at Chatsworth for the remainder of her life.

The Duke and Duchess had 7 children, including Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire.

The dowager duchess of Devonshire who died peacefully last Wednesday morning at the age of 94.

Chatsworth House pictured through the Emperor Fountain

Chatsworth House

We’re taking a moment here at Blakelow, as we look down across the Chatsworth estate, to think of you Your Grace.

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