Bonsall Well Dressings

2012 Wesleyan Chapel Well Dressing

2012 Wesleyan Chapel Well Dressing

The charming little village of Bonsall with it’s ancient market cross and manor house is just a couple of miles down the lane from us. Later this month, 27 July to 2 August, the village with hold it’s well dressings.

We don’t have any details yet about the 2013 dressings, but 2012 was terrific with 6 dressings:

  • Nether Green Well Dressings 2 dressings at the gateway of a house on the west side of Clatterway, the road leading into the village from the Via Gellia
  • Fountain Well Dressing near the Fountain at the junction of Yeoman Street and The Dale
  • St James’ Church Well Dressing on Church Street, just beyond the Church
  • Market Place Well Dressing in the village centre, opposite the Old Cross
  • Wesleyan Chapel Well Dressing outside the Chapel at the head of The Dale – the lovely 2012 Olympic themed well.

Click here to view a full calendar of Well Dressings.

Bonsall Cross

Bonsall Cross in nearby Bonsall village … 2 miles down the hill

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