2013 Well dressings

A Youlgreave well dressing

A Youlgreave well dressing

One of the (many!) things peculiar to the beautiful Peak District region (alright … and a bit further afield) are the well dressings.

The well dressing season starts in early May each year and runs through to late September.

Well dressings are pictures made from petals, leaves and other natural materials set into a clay filled wooden frame. It is thought that the origins of the tradition lie in Pagan tradition or in giving thanks for the purity of the water drawn from certain wells during the period of the Black Death.

There is comprehensive list of dates and locations on the Visit Peak District website.

Villages like Tissington, Ashford-in-the-Water and Youlgreave are lovely places to wander with cafes and pubs pause for a rest.

Watch out for opportunities to see the dressings being made, or even workshops to take part … and the dedication and processions in some villages.

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