Lapsed blogging!

Pooh, piglets and other bicycles!

I feel I should be starting this blog in confession style!

Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages

Blakelow Farm Holiday Cottages – pictured in autumn

Forgive me it has been 3 months since my last blog…. Truth is I have been so busy with guests, chucks, ducks, garden and of course our Blakelow piggies.

Yes, we have pigs and yes we have given names to our happy hogs … (we were advised not to, especially as they ‘should’ be going to market) I have to say they are brilliant, very friendly, very funny and very mischievous – they never fail to make me smile whenever I see them… they are Tyson (he’s an ear biter) Nellie Fatlardo (she’s a singer) and Pooh (pictured alone left … and enough said about that one!!) they have settled in really well, they had me trained very quickly!!!

Cyclists welcomeWe also have 2 electric bicycles for guests to hire, you do still have to pedal but they make getting up and down our Peak District hills a lot easier, guests can hire them for an hour, ½ day, or full day … we even supply the helmets.

They have a battery and can travel for about 35 miles on a full charge… very clever.

Self Catering Holidays are never boring … not if I can help it!

So… am I forgiven for my lapse in blogging?


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